Dogs require Rabies, Distemper/Parvo Booster and Bordatella (Kennel Cough).

Cats Require, Rabies, Distemper Complex.  

This is to protect all campers that come to visit us.

If you give your own shots please bring your vials or labels with date given for verification. (Rabies must be given by a Veterinarian)

You or your Vet can fax your records to 417-335-6819

or email them to

We provide food, however you are welcome to bring any food or treats that you would like them to have.

Things to bring


We provide superpremium dry dog food. If you choose to bring your own please bring it in sealed container with your pets name on it.

Stuff from Home:

You may bring treats, toys or a blanket that smells like home, but please leave the bedding to us. We have cots and blankets for them to sleep on.

What to wear:

Please wear a regular collar. You are welcome to wear a harness when you come, but we take them off for safety.


We don't charge extra for giving meds. Please clearly mark all medications and include written instructions.